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Jeff Carrion | Photographer | Bike Lover


I'm a photographer based in suburban Chicago specializing in family photography and focusing on High School Senior and 8th Grade Portraits, Fine Art School Portraits, Sports, and Corporate/Personal Brand photography. Plus, I love bikes, here's why....


Blue Bicycle photo sessions are simple, all inclusive, and come with...


The Crabby Kid Guarantee

The exclusive Crabby Kid Guarantee means that we'll get amazing photos that you and your family will love, even when the little ones don't cooperate. During our session, if your kids are cranky, tired, sick, or just not having it, we can choose to stop the session and reschedule at another date. There is never an additional charge for a Crabby Kid reschedule.

Check out session info for details.

The Blue Bike Advantage

The Blue Bike Advantage includes:

  • Unlimited phone/text and email consultations anytime before and after your session, forever.
  • Session rescheduling in case of inclement weather and unforeseen extenuating circumstances.

Life happens, especially with kids, whether you want it to or not. If the weather turns bad, or who-knows-what suddenly happens we can always reschedule.

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